The Best Makeup Brushes For Cheap Available On The Market Today!

In this article, we will be going over what we think are the best makeup brushes for cheap on the market today. There are a large number of women out there looking to snap up the perfect cheap makeup brush bargain to add to their cosmetic collection while not breaking the bank. We will be covering a few main points to look out for when selecting the perfect makeup brush for your own individual needs that meets all of your requirements as well as recommending a few pre-screened cosmetic brushes.

One of the main worries most people have when selecting any entry level cheaper model is that the product maybe low quality and be harmful to you during use or even break. In this highly competitive world we live in, this now seems like a fact of life. Although they do their best, the large cosmetic and makeup companies have to reduce quality in some aspects in order to keep the cost of their entry level products as low as possible. Common areas that are often used as a way to reduce the costs of a product are materials, design and the manufacturing of the product itself. We will now be taking a look at a number of different common concerns we see as well as offering our insight on how you are best able to avoid the problem and get the best product available for your money.

The Best Makeup Brushes For Cheap Available On The Market Today!

The use of low quality materials

This is probably the main worry we see. Some low quality cheap makeup brushes have been known to cut corners on their brush bristles that can end up resulting in slight scaring of the user or inflammation of the skin, there are even rare cases of some people having allergic reactions to the material used as bristles.

If you are purchasing from an online website such as Amazon then you are able to take a look at the publicly viewable reviews that past users of the makeup brush have left. This allows you to have a little knowledge of what to expect after ordering your product and be aware of any potential problems well before you purchase the makeup brush.

If you are using a department store to shop for you new cheap makeup bush then you should be able to ask to check the display model to quickly feel the bristles and see for yourself if they are made from a low quality material or not.

One of the easiest ways to avoid this problem is to only use the products offered by the massive makeup companies such as MAC who spend millions on their product lines to ensure the end user has the best experience possible when using their products. Due to companies like this spending so much time and money on developing their global brand, the last thing they want is for their name to be dragged through the press just because they wanted to save a few cents on materials for their product line that could potentially end up hiring their customers.

Usability of the best makeup brushes for cheap

Another common thing we see people wondering is the usability of the makeup brushes once purchased. By that, we mean how easy they are to use when applying your makeup and are you able to get the look you want from your makeup when using these particular brushes. Although we have seen a small number of makeup brushes on the market that have definitely put style above usability during the design factor. The vast majority of products out there have a nice sturdy handle that is made from a good solid material and is narrow enough for you to be able to grip it with ease while applying your makeup.

This helps ensure that you are able to style your makeup exactly how you like to match your own unique personal style with minimal effort. Some of the brush sets we have seen have large bulky or even curved handles making it a complete nightmare for the girl when it comes to applying her makeup ready for a night out.

Another common thing we see are the design of the bristles of the brush itself. A small number of products have the bristles set up in ways that can make it difficult to style your cosmetic products, especially around delicate areas on your face such as your eyes. The vast majority of girls seem to prefer a nice and narrow brush head for the application of their makeup when not applying a product such as foundation to their face. Thankfully, this is an easy point to correct as most listing on sites such as amazon have a range of pictures available to allow you to see what the brush heads look like before placing your order. Additionally, if you are shopping in a department store then the vast majority of products will be available to view in the display units allowing you to see what the product looks like before purchasing it.

Reusability of the product

Another thing we are often asked is about the reusability of the makeup brush. As the products are used, old makeup can settle on the brush set and over time this builds up and can sometimes make the product unusable if not cleaned. When cleaning, there are a number of cleaning products for your makeup brush available that contain chemicals that dissolve the glue holding the brush bristles meaning over time, the bristles will begin to fall out.

If you make sure you only use warm soapy water when cleaning your cosmetic brushes, the glue holding the bristles in place should hold allowing your brush to be used for many months or even years to come.

The vast majority of brush handles used today are made from either solid plastic, refined metal or pressure treat wood meaning they should not break or wear down over time during expected levels of usage but there are a small minority that have been known to cut corners. We have found this is usually not a factor when it comes to the major cosmetic brands so be sure to order your cosmetic brush from a well known makeup brand to avoid the problem completely.

The Short List Of Our Recommended Product Lines

Now that the initial phase of the article is complete where we covered a range of features that any girl would love to have in her makeup brush kits, we will now be moving onto to take a look at a few products that we recommend as the meet all of the features we recommended and are from highly reputable and trusted brands with an excellent history on their product ranges.

Revlon Chiqu Girl

First up, we have the Chiqu Girl makeup brush kit from Revlon, a long establish brand who are a favourite of many a makeup enthusiast. It usually retails at around the $15 mark and can usually be found with free delivery options if you use sites such as amazon with their amazon prime membership.

The kit contains 13 standard makeup brushes designed to maxamise their use and enable you to get the perfect look when applying your makeup. There is also a foundation brush that is perfect for the application of your base layer as well as an included makeup cleaning pot that you can fill with your cleaning solution as and when cleaning of your brushes is required.

if you do decide to order the product line from a site such as amazon, you can return the product for a replacement or a full refund if it is delivered damaged in anyway. As with most things, if you have kept your receipt for your purchase, then the same will apply to you if you return the product to the department store of purchase.

This particular set contains a leather bag that is perfect for storing all of your brushed and also has extra space to allow you to add some essential everyday makeup products. This means you are able to quickly and easily transport your kit with you while you are on the go ensuring you always have your go to make up kit no matter where, no matter the situation.

Alice Just You

Next up we have the Just You set of makeup brushes by Alice. A relatively new brand when it comes to cosmetics, they have quickly taken the market by storm due to their excellent social media campaigns with various cosmetic Instagram social media influencers.

Their Just You range is cheap and reliable retailing at around $20 with an average review rating of over four starts out of five on amazon. The build quality is excellent on the whole brush set that contains 7 different brushes as well as a set of tweezers, a set of nail clippers and a nail file to complete the set.

There have been a number of YouTube reviews on this particular makeup set that offer a wealth of information with a number of prominent YouTubers having promoted the product line to their following.

It is an excellent makeup brush kit for people with all levels of expertise in makeup ranging from an amateur to a full blow professional making one of the best makeup brushes for cheap available on the market today.

The Best Cheap Makeup Brushes We Could Find

Pria Salini

Finally, we have the Salini brush set offered by Pria. It retails at around $10 and is the cheapest makeup brush kit on the list and thus a few concessions have to be made. It only contains four brushed but they are all high quality with excellent reviews.

The brush bristles are synthetic meaning there is only a minimal chance of you having an allergic reaction to using them, they are also soft and silky ensuring your skin is safe during your makeup application process.

There is no makeup bag included with this set but every brush included in it is small meaning you will easily be able to add it to any current makeup storage solution you have in your makeup kit. The handles are made of pressure treat wood with an acrylic finish so they are sturdy and resistant to any damage from use.

The luscious leak technology on the brush bristles means that you are able to simply dab your makeup brushes in warm soapy water a few times and then rest them on a paper towel or some kitchen roll to dry. The technology kicks in and assists with the cleaning of the brush by removing any old left over makeup from the brush as the water drys. Once the bristles have all dried simply blot the brush on a hard dry surface a few times to flake any left over makeup off the brush and you are good to go for your next round of make up application.


We hope our article has helped you better understand what you should be looking for in your makeup brush selection. We have also taken the time to select three different products we think have a high chance of meeting your needs when it comes to the best makeup brushes for cheap. Deciding to go with one of our pre-selected makeup brush sets will help save you time and effort while allowing you to rest assured that you are getting the best deal possible for your hard earned money.

If you have enjoyed this article then feel free to check out our other cosmetic and beauty content on the site that cover a wide range of makeup topics we feel could be of use to our readers ranking from product reviews to beauty tutorials to tips and tricks for storing makeup to ensure it does not spoil ahead of time.